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The FlatsWire Property Management Software and Channel Manager

You make more Bookings!

You widen you distribution

You are in control of your Business!

You use a real Management tool

The FlatsWire Channel Manager: over 100 channels available.


Trusted partners and longer rentals on the FlatsWire B2B MarketPlace.


Maintain and protect your margin by increasing your distribution.


Manage your prices dynamically

Avoid manual entry with API connections

Fully integrated with all major channels (Bookings, Calendars, Price, Customer)


FlatsWire brings you money and bookings, the best deal possible.

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Advantages :

  • You distribute your properties with the channel manager and have access to the FlatsWire B2B MarketPlace,
  • You manage dynamic pricing,
  • No double booking,
  • You fully manage payments and rents (customers, channels, MarketPlace, owners)

Conditions :

  • You fully manage the property inventory (i.e. you have the keys!)
  • You have the exclusive distribution rights on the channels.