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Complete Vacation Rental Software

Beethoven, the Vacation Rental Management Software, is a complete and operation oriented solution for professional Property managers. This all-in-one Software includes a strong Property Management software,  Booking Engine, Team Planning tool, Maintenance Management system, Intelligent pricing … Discover major functionnalities and contact us for specifics…

Our  internal Channel Manager is fully connected to this Rental Management Software, making it one of the most complete and most operational solution on the Market.

Booking Engine


The FlatsWire vacation rental management system is the core of your booking engine. As it fully manages calendar, pricing and description, it allows you to easily select available apartments for commercial offers, price them automatically and book them.

You may either look for apartments through our search engine with maps (allowing you to also look for properties coming from partners) or from our classical planning view.

FlatsWire has developed additional features to easily manage all operations and issues around bookings: from the change of date to the change of property. Price variations, calendar modifications, additional costs… are handled accurately (and automatically) enabling managers to be up-to-date with their business (due payments, availability calendars…)

Maintenance Management

FlatsWire has developed a powerful and sophisticated tool for the management of maintenance operations on your inventory.

FlatsWire enables you to :

  1. Generate and monitor all interventions in apartments,
  2. Communicate with owners and inform them on interventions,
  3. Manage cost and invoicing,
  4. Affect and plan tasks for your different contractors,
  5. Schedule on-site interventions and provide a clear planning for each actor,
  6. Include maintenance charges in the monthly owner report.

Staff Planning

Management and logistics around customer arrivals and departures is a key factor for the vacation rental industry.

On one hand, FlatsWire provides smart tools that enable the customers and partners to indicate arrival time, transport etc… Through your Customer Space or directly through the system. All the information is live and synchronized in real-time.

On the other hand, as soon as a booking is confirmed, FlatsWire generates “events” (check-in and out, cleaning), that can then be affected to your agents either through tables or a drag-and-drop planning agenda.

By affecting a task to an agent, you update a personal iCal that he can simply consult from his personal agenda.


Document and Email templates

FlatsWire provides a set of standard email templates and document templates, that you can use simply to start your business.

These emails and documents contain “variables” that will automatically update according to the booking context, the customer information… FlatsWire provides a large list of variables and can also generate any specific variable you may require.

List of template emails with variables :

  • Customer booking confirmation (including payment schedule, payments done, link to customer space on website…)
  • Agencies and portals booking confirmation
  • Customer checkin info reminder,
  • Customer checkin info,
  • Customer payment reminder
  • Owner booking confirmation (including rent to receive),
  • Owner maintenance authorization,
  • Commercial proposal with several properties with links to property descriptions,
  • Hold status for Agencies,

List of documents with variables :

  • Customer booking voucher,
  • Customer Rental Lease
  • Customer invoice,
  • Check-in info and procedure,


FlatsWire provides a large set of functional weekly, monthly or yearly reports to help you manage your activity, your plannings, your distribution and your results. We can also develop specific reports according to your needs and requirements.


Owner space

Owners are users in the system with limited access rights. Depending on your relation with your owners, you may provide him with a login to the back-office (a login and a password).

Owners have access to a specific back-office where they can :

  • Create a lock on the property,
  • Check their dashboard (where they can see all coming activity)
  • Check property occupancy rates,
  • Check planning (if owner is in charge of Check-in or Cleaning or…)
    You can also provide the owner with an iCal, that he can import in his own calendar to inform him on check-ins and cleaning.
  • Check payment reports (past and future),


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