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HomeAway Channel Manager


The FlatsWire channel manager feature enables you to distribute to the HomeAway group. Fully integrated.

HomeAway  pulls the data from provided xml files (for description and pictures, availability calendar and pricing), they are regularly pulled and updated by HomeAway.

When an online booking or a request is placed on HomeAway, the API makes a final quote through FlatsWire to double check availability and price and avoid double-booking.

HomeAway Channel Manager connects you to the entire HomeAway Galaxy including the following portals :


Main Features settings

Managers sign a distribution agreement with HomeAway. They indicate if they  want to work on an On-Line Booking or Request mode.

Once linked, description, pictures, price and calendars of a property are automatically provided to HomeAway.
Properties can be generated from FlatsWire on all HomeAway Galaxy websites.

Set your conditions from FlatsWire (deposit/balance) to manage customer payments

From FlatsWire you can access the HomeAway page of each property to check advert and content.

When a booking is placed via HomeAway, FlatsWire generates a booking and closes availability on all other channels.

Booking main Features

When a customer makes an online booking, he provides his Credit-card to HomeAway. CC info are stored and accessible securely from the FlatsWire booking page to process the payment.

When a customer sends a request on an apartment for specific dates, a booking is automatically generated in an Option status (not blocking the calendar). You can easily answer through template emails or through the HomeAway back-office.

Customer due payment lines are generated automatically and can be processed from the back-office with the credit card info.

Other Features

From FlatsWire, you manage the inventory you display on HomeAway group websites.
You simply disactivate the connection of each property.

Dynamic prices are automatically shared with Homeaway allowing you to push promotion, last minute prices, early bids…