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List properties on channel

FlatsWire enables you to distribute on

Credit card processing is PCI compliant (customers information fully secured). Inventory feed. rules

  • Property Managers sign contract directly with
  • is an online channel. All bookings made on the channel are considered Firm
  • charges commission fee invoiced to the manager when the guest arrives,
  • Property Managers are the one that charge guests so they need to have a payment provider (connected to the PMS or not),

Main Features settings

Managers sign a distribution agreement with They generate in the Booking intranet the rates for Hotel ID and Room ID.

Synchronize Prices and Calendars in both ways in real time.

Activate all rates on from FlatsWire for room ID and Hotel ID.

Close and Open rates on chosen period from FlatsWire.

Set your payment conditions from FlatsWire (deposit/balance) to manage customer payments

Booking Main Features

Customer credit card is automatically checked and Booking instantly notified in case of invalid info.

When CC info is invalid, the booking remains on Hold and a countdown measures when the booking can be canceled.

Customer due payment lines are generated automatically and can be directly processed without showing card

For each booking, you receive commission level and know precisely the amount te bo paid at the end of the month to the portal.

Other Features

If a customer cancels on,  you receive a notification and the booking is suppressed.

Each time notifies FlatsWire, you receive a notification message.

From FlatsWire, you manage and feed the inventory you display on

Dynamic prices are automatically shared with allowing you to promote special deals, last minute, early bids…