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AirBnB Channel Manager


FlatsWire has developped its own 1 Way Channel Management technology to AirBnB (*) enabling:

  • An automated generation of all bookings coming from the AirBnB Website, integrating customer info, dates, price and commission.

  • An export of the FlatsWire master calendar for each apartment to AirBnB (making AirBnB aware of all bookings coming from your website and other channels),

(*)  We are not connected with the AirBnB API, hence are not AirBnB Certified, though it is important to note that the AirBnB API can not be used in any large city to connect any PMS for Vacation Rental. Our partial solution is available for all cities.

You are an AirBnB Property Manager? 

We have no geographical or city Restrictions

AirBnB  Bookings are automatically received in acco master calendar

AirBnB calendars updated when you receive external Bookings

You need no more manual entry of Bookings

You can accept direct Booking on AirBnB and increase Turnover

No additional cost for our Channel Manager