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Furnished apartment rentals has been for a long time an alternative solution for mobility of managerial staff in corporates. It is a cheaper solution than hotels for companies and a very convenient and comfortable approach for guests. Long term Rental Management tools included in a PMS has become a must-have.

With the expansion of the Vacation Rental Industry, under the influence of the web, we observe that the rental business with corporate also grows very rapidly in major large cities in the world. Corporate organize internally the short term and long term stays of their managerial teams partnering with new agencies specialised in this very specific activity. It is an opportunity for property managers to diversify  distribution and to preserve margins in a market where few websites concentrate a majority of the shares.

Quality of service is a key element in the Mid and Long Term Rental Management, as customers are more demanding. It requires a specific organization and appropriate tools.

To meet the specificities of the long-term rental management, FlatsWire software offers specific tools :

  • Different pricing models for Short and Long term rentals, learn more…
  • Payment split : payments from customer and to owner can be broken down monthly with only a click, generating payment timetables. You can track simply with your everyday software the money you expect or owe…
  • Charges and commissions are automatically inserted in a monthly rent or in the first customer payment. We adapt to most business models.
  • You can plan regular cleanings in the agenda.
  • With the Maintenance tool, you easily create tickets, manage interventions, share plannings,…
  • With the mobile app, you communicate with teams on field (share plannings, exchange pictures, make comments…)
Vacation Rental Splitted Payments