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General questions

  • How many properties can I manage with FlatsWire

    Answer: FlatsWire was developed to assist Property Managers with large inventories (+ 300 properties), however you can easily use FlatsWire with smaller property portfolios. The FlatsWire system has no limitation on the number of units you can manage.
  • Do you manage categories of serviced apartments ? And long term bookings?

    Answer: Yes, The FlatsWire system can manage different levels for properties : from the building to the apartments, from apartments to the rooms, or categories (types of unit) within a building. The system can manage short, mid and long term rentals – payment schedules, monthly payments and many more features.
  • Do you manage booking modifications (change of dates, properties...) and how ?

    Answer: FlatsWire has developed simple features for these frequent operations that can easily be time consuming in the rental business.

    The “change date” function enables the manager to modify the dates of a booking, check availability and automatically generate the price adjustment and payment orders (for the customer and for the owner). This function is also available for Agencies linked to the system to send a date change request to the manager. The “change property” function helps the manager find another apartment, with similar criteria for the same period. It generates a new booking for the customer, linked to a “parent booking”.

  • Do you have an access/link for distribution partners ?

    Answer: Through the B2B MarketPlace, FlatsWire enables agencies and partners to access your property inventory (description, pictures, availability, prices) and make online bookings for their customers. The B2B FlatsWire MarketPlace can be opened to Property Managers who do not use our PMS. For more details just get in touch.
  • Do you track payments (from customers, to owners...) ?

    Answer: Payment management is a key element in the FlatsWire system, linked to a smart pricing methodology.

    As soon as a booking is made on a property, FlatsWire generates all payment lines :

    • for the customer (deposit amount and due date, balance amount and due date),
    • for a potential distribution portal (commission amount and due date)
    • for the owner (rent amount and due date)
    • for mid and long term bookings and rentals, FlatsWire can generate monthly payment schedules.

    At any given time, the manager has a view of his financial situation.

    With this accurate organization, it is very easy for a manager to follow customer payments and send reminders, or to generate a monthly or weekly report for owners.

  • Do you have a tool to manage maintenance of the properties in your PMS ?

    Answer: Yes, the FlatsWire PMS features a complete tool to register and manage all maintenance actions required, from jobs to tasks, planning to logistics. This feature can include external staff users – from agenda planning to notifications – it enables the billing or not of the owner and can be linked to your reporting.

FAQ: Channel Manager

  • What channels can I access via your channel manager?

    Answer: The FlatsWire channel manager can connect you to all the major channel distribution companies and OTA’s such as:

    Airbnb,, HomeAway, Expedia, and many more… (+100 channels)

  • Can you add a new distribution channels or partners on request?

    Answer: FlatsWire is always open to new partnerships and distribution opportunities. If the channel or partner is of interest to our user community we will then implement, if this is a specific request then there will be a cost involved. Please get in touch for more details.

FAQ: Websites

  • Are your website connected to the PMS ?

    Answer: Yes, our website are fully integrated and connected via our API to the FlatsWire PMS.
  • Can we access and update the website ?

    Answer: Yes, you have total control of your website!

    • you can create, modify or update pages, bloc contents, “static” contents (texts, images, links),
    • you can adapt the menus and the footer,
    • you can work directly on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

    FlatsWire can also provide you with an API to connect your existing website to our PMS, thus giving you absolute and total control of your website.

  • Can your websites display maps Airbnb like ?

    Answer: Yes, FlatsWire can provide and display map results just like AirBnB.

    Vacation rental maps - airbnb like

  • Does your website allow SEO ?

    Answer: Yes this is a key element for all websites. Search Engine Optimization tools are available, and FlatsWire can assist you.
  • Do you integrate payment gateways ?

    Answer: Yes, for websites FlatsWire uses STRIPE. As for the PMS we have several PSPs available such as ATOS, Stripe, Paypal and BrainTree. FlatsWire can integrate any specific payment gateways you may require – for more details please inquire.
  • Do you provide an owner space ?

    Answer: We can develop an owner space on our websites, where they can access their property, generate locks (hold property for themselves), check rental activity and request maintenance tasks. Please note that all owners have access to an OWNER SPACE within the FlatsWire PMS. Please get in touch for more details.

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